We aim to achieve higher standards in such areas as corporate governance and customer satisfaction.

Chairman’s Message

Finding ways to minimize the impact of adverse developments in global markets on the Turkish economy will be of critical importance in the upcoming period. Turkey must open the way to rapid, sound and sustainable growth in the intermediate and long term by emphasizing advanced technology and high value-added sectors, giving priority to R&D and innovation and increasing market diversity.

Organik Holding will continue its vigorous policy of investing in our companies so as to maximize productivity and profitability, while also pursuing an active approach to evaluating new investment opportunities. We will spare no effort to raise our competitiveness through technological improvements in our sectors of operation and to emphasize innovation and environmental awareness. We will endeavor to minimize the impact of regional economic fluctuations by diversifying our export markets. While striving to improve our operational and financial performance, we aim to achieve higher standards in such areas as corporate governance, investor relations and customer satisfaction.

We are confident for the future despite the problems that the world politics an global economy is facing. At the same time, we are prepared for increasingly volatile markets and intensifying competition. This means that the winners will be those who are faster, more flexible and more successful than their competitors. The Organik Group team will actively take advantage of opportunities and work hard to shape Organik Group's future.

Aldo Kaslowski
Chairman of the Board of Directors