Our history dates back to 1924 when Luigi Kaslowski (Aldo Kaslowski’s father) establishes Elkasan.


From the beginning, we’ve been driven by chemistry.

The Trading Business: Elkasan

Our history dates back to 1924 when Luigi Kaslowski (Aldo Kaslowski’s father) establishes Elkasan to trade fibers, yarns, textile specialty chemicals and machinery in Istanbul, Turkey.

1920’s mark a substantial decade as the Republic of Turkey is established in 1923 and steady industrialization and reforms take place to westernize the country. In this conjuncture of rapid technological, industrial and socio-cultural development, Elkasan serves as a trading catalyzer representing global reputable companies to serve the local market.

Establishment of Organik Kimya

Aldo Kaslowski establishes Organik Kimya in 1965 to diversify from trading to manufacturing. He invests in a production facility in the Bomonti district of Istanbul. With a focus on polymer emulsions and textile auxillaries, Organik Kimya starts its steady growth years.

Organik Kimya begins utilizing licenses from world renown companies. This business model coaches Organik Kimya to diversify and advance its technological know-how. Also investing in the business by increasing R&D, production and technology capabilities, Organik Kimya secures its position in the textiles market as a “value adding solution provider.”

Kemerburgaz, Istanbul Headquarters

Looking to grow the production capacity, Organik Kimya moves to its current production facility in Kemerburgaz, Istanbul in 1977.

Organik Holding (Organik Group)

Organik Kimya firmly begins its first export operations to surrounding geographies, begins to explore penetration to different markets and segments.

In 1994, Organik Kimya becomes a part of Responsible Care®, a global, voluntary initiative developed autonomously by the chemical industry to improve health, safety and environmental performance.

Sectoral and Geographical Expansion

2000’s record a “construction boom”, especially in the developing regions of the world. This period also instructs Organik Kimya Group to focus on the European market and quickly acknowledges that the European market is much more demanding for innovative, ecological, best-in-class solutions than any other region of the world. Organik Group strategically pursues the European market as it aligns with its innovation strategy.

In 2004, Organik Group acquires ATR Chemicals in Balerna, Switzerland for the production of solvent borne acrylics used in adhesives and textiles.

This aspiration also drives Organik Group to form a joint venture with a leading adhesives player in 2005 to gain full access to the industrial adhesives market.

Local and International Investments

In the ever changing and consolidating polymer emulsions market, customers struggle to find flexible, agile solution providers for niche applications. This situation paves the way for Organik Group’s new vision which is to grow in the European market and fill in the gap for this market need. Consequently, Organik Group’s second investment for a production plant for polymer emulsions takes place in 2007. The Rotterdam plant is inaugurated in the Botlek chemical complex on Rotterdam, Netherlands harbor to better serve customers located in the western hemisphere.  

Organik Group’s drive to further grow with innovation is strengthened when Organik Kimya R&D Center receives an accreditation from Republic of Turkey’s Ministry of Industry to operate as an “R&D Center” in 2009.

A sales office in the US is inaugurated in 2010 to tap the market potential in the North America and the Caribbean to explore as a next frontier for growth.

Leveraging its broad know-how, Organik Group invests in two new technology platforms: Powder polymers and hotmelt adhesives. Hence, Organik Group inaugurates Orgachem.

Today, Organik Group serves its customers with a total production capacity of 250.000 tons across 4 production facilities: Kemerburgaz and Tuzla in Turkey; Rotterdam, The Netherlands and Balerna, Switzerland.