We are exporting to 80 countries and reaching more than 2.000 customers.


Organik Group is a private family owned group of companies established in 1965.Our history dates back to the establishment of Elkasan in 1924. Our  main activities are the Production, Distribution, Research and Licensing of Speciality Chemicals for various industrial applications   for  sophisticated market needs.

  *   Environmental care, Energy sustainability, Security and Social responsibility are part of our culture.

A "Corporate Governance "   has been introduce in our family companies, to access new markets, to achieve a healthier global growth and to preserve the Family unity and identity by running a company of rules, transparency and accountability. At the same time Opening the path to carrier opportunity.

The Organik Holding A.S group of companies are main activities are the  Silicones Specialties, Pigment dispersions, Hotmelt and Powder Polymers, Polymers, Adhesives Productions and Polimer Emulsions.
We are employing apr. 500 people for a total of 250.000 MTon capacity, Exporting to 80 Countries and reaching more than 2.000 customers.